Natural Ways to Protect us from Harmful Sun Rays

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Sun exposure is good for health but at the right time and duration. It provides Vitamin D and Vitamin D is required for optimal functioning of the body.

Early morning sun is studied to be the most beneficial with least harm full rays. 15 mins of morning sun is found to be the best dosage.

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The harmful rays can be kept at bay by applying sun screen and protecting our skin through other methods. But the sunscreen comes with loads of chemicals which can be harmful by themselves.

Best natural ways:

  • Protect the skin by minimizing the sun exposure by using fully covered clothes and umbrellas.
  • Application of certain natural oils and essential oils have sun screen properties – coconut oil, almond oil, lemon oil and lavender oil
  • Sun screen made of zinc oxide and titanium oxide are the best available in the market
  • Wear a water-resistant sun screen if and when in water
  • Apply sunscreen to the exposed parts 20 mins before the sun exposure
  • Reduce the duration of sun exposure to prevent sun rashes and sun burns
  • Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring product which when ingested protects the skin from the sun as an internal sunscreen.
  • Consumption of vit a and vit c will heal sun burns earlier.
  • Protecting your skin from sun rays will keep the skin fresh, bright, acne free and wrinkle free.



Article by Dr. Visalam

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