Lunch at your desk is not a good idea!

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We all think eating lunch at our desk saves time and increase productivity. Despite the increasing number of wellness policies in the workplace, we still resist going for an extra mile to have lunch.

However, staying at the same place for the whole day will decrease productivity and increase stress.

What happens if we aren’t heading out for lunch?

  • Increased health risks – Heart diseases, cholesterol, and blood pressure
  • Sore Joints – Staying a long time at your desk will give you back pain, and cause weak joints. Stretch and walk for a cup of coffee.
  • Stress – Looking at your monitor 24X7 would be a real stress. Take a short break and relax.
  • Missing a beat of creativity – If you are out for a coffee, there are high chances of being more creative.
  • Reduced productivity – If you think to eat at your desk and to play with your keyboard simultaneously is multi-tasking, then I am sorry you are wrong. A fueled brain works 50% faster than a normal one.

Create a breaking culture is essential! Because we know you are precious!

Don’t ignore even small symptoms, don’t Google, Just do Doxtro!

Wellness is in your hands!

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