All you Need to know About Common Cold

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It is caused by various different strains of virus. Flu is caused by influenza virus and there are 4 strains of influenza virus. It is Highly contagious. Every human being is affected by common cold and can infected multiple times in a life time by the same strain or different strains

The Symptoms are

  1. Running nose
  2. Nose block
  3. Head ache
  4. Ear pain
  5. Throat pain
  6. Cough
  7. Mild fever
  8. Breathing difficulty
  9. Heaviness of head


What is the treatment?

Common cold is Usually self-diagnosed. It requires no investigations. It is treated with anti histaminics, nasal decongestants and anti pyretics. Antibiotics is not the first line of treatment but Antibiotics is given to prevent secondary infection. Steaming and gargling are the best home remedies. If high fever persists a doctor should be consulted for further management.


How to prevent?

Consume Hot / warm drinks always. No junk/ cold food items. Closing of mouth while coughing will prevent spread and being far from the infected will also prevent the spread. Eating healthy will improve our immune system and protect from all kind of infections.

Article by Dr. Visalam

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