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Offer Online Healthcare
to your employees
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A few facts

  • In India, 14% annual working days are lost to due to sickness.

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    1 out of every 2 employees in Corporate India suffers from stress, anxiety and depression.

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    Based on a study, 70% of common health illnesses do not require physical visit.

What We DO
Our mission is to provide instant access to quality and affordable healthcare anytime, anywhere. We help patients to consult with specialist doctors under 20 minutes. Our telehealth app helps patients consult via chat and phone call.
How can Doxtro help you?
Improve Employee productivity.
Provide your employees with access to doctors 24X7.
Keep your employees happy with cost effective healthcare
Save travelling time and sick leaves
Save a great deal of money on medical expenses

What We Offer

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    Consult via
    chat or phone call 24x7

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    Over 300+ doctors across 17 specializations

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    Get E-precriptions

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    Store your
    medical records securely

Our offering allows you to
Consult with the doctor instantly or fix an appointment with your chosen doctor
Consult for your family members
Get free follow up with the same doctor upto 48 hours
Store your medical records securely and share them easily with doctors

Specializations we treat

What makes us different ?
No more travelling, booking appointments and waiting at clinics
Consult a specialist doctor within minutes instead of waiting for hours
Over 1,00,000 patients have already consulted on Doxtro
Enterprise grade security to ensure user privacy
Economical employee care - Significant drop in costs when
compared to traditional healthcare